Akihiro Haga

Aki likes reading, smoking and motorcycles.

Aki was raised in Nagoya, Japan. At age 15 he began doing tokusatsu stage shows (which are part-time jobs in Japan) and for the next 4 years performed as many heroes including Kamen Riders Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki and Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger. He met Larry after moving to Los Angeles in 2003 at ACT and they found a common interest in tokusatsu. Larry asked Aki to play the hero in the test fight that became HVA Episode 1. Shortly after filming the first episode, Aki met Koichi Sakamoto of Alpha Stunts at a short film that Larry was working on and did a quick audition for Power Rangers. Afterward Koichi invited Aki to join them in New Zealand, so Larry quickly put together Episode 2 before Aki left. Aki is now a member of Alpha Stunts and is working on Power Rangers.

Favorite Rider Series: Kamen Rider Kuuga
Favorite Sentai Series: Timeranger
Favorite Sentai Theme: Flashman

Aaron Toney

Aaron likes posing, gymnastics and older women.

Aaron has always loved Power Rangers, and his interest was revived when Aki arrived. Since then Aaron has become a full-blown proud tokusatsu freak and is constantly on the BitTorrents and IRC channels. His knowledge of hero poses is rivaled only by Larry. Aaron was the most obvious replacement in the role of Hero. Aaron has recently landed a job at an acrobatic show in San Diego for the full summer so his character will be making a brief departure for the four months that he's gone after Episode 5 (the plot is ever-changing anyway so fortunately it won't make that much difference) but he will remain one of the main characters.

Favorite Rider Series: Kamen Rider Faiz
Favorite Sentai Series: Dairanger
Favorite Rangers: Time Force
Favorite Super Robot: Gravion
Favorite Other: GranSazer

Suit Actor for:

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