Power Rangers & Alpha Stunts People

Dan Southworth (Eric the Quantum Ranger on Time Force) and I with our wacky pal Yanagihara in Japan

Erin Cahill, Jen the Pink Ranger on Time Force. She's super rad. I've met Jason Faunt (Red Ranger) and TJ Rotelo (Frax suit actor) from that series. I've also met Patricia Lee (Pink Ranger-Power Rangers Turbo & PR In Space... and I have no picture with her CURSES)

This mini-poster is included in The Best of Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers DVD. It's signed by Alpha Stunts' Koichi Sakamoto, Tatsuro Koike and Tadahiro Nakamura.

Tatsuro (left) and Tadahiro (right) signing it. Nakamura couldn't remember which ranger he played, Tatsuro kept insisting that he played the Turbo Ranger and Nakamura just took his word for it.

Here's Koichi. Damn this picture is bright

Motoko Nagino of Alpha Stunts. She handles all the female character doubling and stunts.

Reuben Langdon, also part of ZG, he played Mac Wendy in Toei's B-Fighter Kabuto back in '96.

U-Den Flame Works. The chap in the red is Ken's brother Go. They don't work on tokusatsu shows but I like this picture.

I and my friends Anthony and Zoli with Johnny Yong Bosch (PR, Zeo, Turbo)

Aki selling me his van back in October '03. You can see Aki in Dino Thunder doubling Connor's action and stunts. He's primarily done fighting in the red and black suits.