-Gallery updated.

-Inmate 451 blooper reel added.

-Ken's stunt reel & Samuel's profile updated.

-Gallery & Sam's stunt reel updated.

-Samuel's stunt reel updated.

-Kerry's stunt reel updated.

-Youtube links updated in Movies section

-Sam's acting ∓ stunt reels updated.

-Aaron, Ilram and Mike's reels updated.

-Aaron and Mike's reels updated.

-Gallery (Movies & TV section) updated.

-An Act of Revenge has just been released for download!

-The GALLERY is finally, finally back. ARGHA HA HA!

-Reuben performs motion capture and provides the voice of Dante in Devil May Cry 4, release date Tuesday 2/5/08.

-Ilram is a mildly inept Microsoft ninja.

-Kerry's '07 demo reel is up. Also, Sam appears on NBC's Journeyman Nov. 5th ((preview).

-Tiffany will be representing the US at the 9th World Wushu Championships in Beijing. Sponsor her and get a shirt!

-POV Films' premiere of Bookie (starring Ken, featuring Aaron and Sam) will be held in Seattle on September 15th. Reserve seating.

-Aaron doubles for Chris Tucker and Sam performs stunts in Rush Hour 3.

-Sam, Kerry, & Aaron perform stunts and Larry plays "Steng" in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End.

-An Act of Revenge site is up.

-Yeah Sure Okay site is up.

-Sam's profile/pics and Larry's pics updated

-Moved servers again, everything will be back up by tonight.

-Cha Cha Chinaman new AVI download available (runs in VLC Player)

-Cha Cha Chinaman alternate download link

-Approx. 500 people downloaded Cha Cha Chinaman and I have to take the file down temporarily before I run out of bandwidth.

-Cha Cha Chinaman is available for download.

-Inmate 451 is available for download.

-New ZG South members: Andrew Suleiman and Mike Wilson.

-Tiffany cover article & interview: Dec. '06 issue of Inside Kung-Fu

-New Short on Youtube: Inmate 451

-ZeroGravity has moved to ZGMain.com FOREVER.

-Sam Looc's new demo reel

-Ilram has a new Final Fu page on his website with a stunt clip.
-Aaron performs stunts in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.


-Sam and Aaron have new reels up.

-Ilram appears as a stunt performer in The New World.

-Tiffany was named Competitor of the Year in the February 2006 issue of Inside Kung-Fu Magazine.

-New message board is open for registration. Got tired of the old board crashing.

-Tiffany appears in this month's Inside Kung-Fu, and was profiled in their September issue. She also made the US Wushu Team in August and is having a fundraiser to cover costs for the 8th World Wushu Championships.
-Tony/Tiffany/Lianne profiles updated.

-Kerry/Larry/Sam/Ken profiles updated.
-Team Members page updated with more color headshots.

-Aaron's profile updated with new pictures.
-Team Members page redone.
-Adam's profile added.

-Ilram appears in a featured role in Walker Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire, the TV movie on CBS at 9:00 P.M. PST
-Some minor work being done to the profiles, some upcoming picture galleries are in the works.

-Message board is back up.

-New profile pics added to ZG North members.

-All the boards on gxboards are down at the moment, hopefully only temporarily.

-Trailer for Ken's project An Act of Revenge is online.

-Pictures added of Ilram during Namco's show at E3.

-Sam's resume and demo reel updated.

-Be sure to pick up Capcom's Devil May Cry 3, Reuben and Larry were part of the motion capture team and worked in Japan back in 2003. Reuben did the voice and motion capture for Dante, while Larry did the motion capture for the monsters and did the voice of the Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, the Zombies, and other misc. parts.

-Samuel's new demo video is available.

-Kerry's new demo video is available.

-The MONK "Monk vs. the Cobra" episode will be playing Friday night January 28th at 10:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. Central time.

-Larry's new demo video is available.


-Happy holidays! Here's a picture from the recent Monk shoot, courtesy of Ilram. See if you can find Larry, Kerry, Sam, and Deva George & David Peng of Ilram's Tai Chi Masters.

-Cleaned up the site. Currently thinking about some possible layout ideas. Some further changes will be made when ZGAction.com is eventually launched.
-Tony has a short up on the board first posted a few days ago, some pics of Larry's current project are at HvA.
-Earlier this year Ilram shot a Nike commercial spot with LeBron James, which can now be viewed here. Go inside the temple until a purple monk appears, that's Ilram. Click on 'check the commercial' to watch the spot.
-Ilram was also a character double for episode #12 of Monk, titled "Monk vs. the Cobra". Kerry, Larry, Samuel and a bunch of friends did background action in a group scene.

-The new site, still being fiddled with, is here.

-2004 Reel is up. New site still under construction.

-Apologies for the downtime, ZG is going in a new direction in 2004. A new professional flash site will be up very soon under a new domain name. This site will remain up as it is (the independent movie site).

-In case you're wondering: ZG North has been busy with work and school, but have also been working on a film project in SF. Can't give away any details and it'll be some time before it's completed. ZG South is working on various trailers and short films for various friends' pilots and project proposals, and again we can't give away anything there. Thus our updates are sparse since we're not doing too much self-produced stuff like the old days. We'll make updates when any of our projects get cleared/released/completed/so on.

-Links network updated

-Began the 2004 Gallery with 2 misc pics. ZG is doing a lot of big things this year, but we can't announce a lot of them until they get finished or released (in case you were wondering about the site inactivity).

-HerovsAlien.com is up.

-The Hero vs Alien page is going a bit insane, it'll be moved to its own domain with the first episode up by next week.
-Otherwise we're reorganizing ourselves, no major news. Some trimming and minor fixes will be done here and there.

-Rise to Honor is out. Members of ZG are featured in the making-of documentary on the disc. For pics, check the 2003 Timeline
-Links network updated

-New links network

-Minor updates to the Hero vs Alien page.

-New members' profile info added, minor updates made to other misc profiles

-New video up in the Misc Videos section.
-New ZG South members (profiles/info in the works)
-Links page to be overhauled soon

-New video up in the Misc Videos section.

-Tomorrow Larry and Reuben are off to work in Japan for a month, so no updates until late December
-2003 Timeline/Gallery updated

-As per usual, a good chunk of ZG will be at Dragonfest this year (Nov. 16).

-Wushucentral has revived! However, HvA will be delayed. The editor has been waylaid by other work

-The Wushucentral.com website got a virus and everything had to be backed up. It's going to be a while until our videos are up again.

-The Wushucentral.com website is having serious difficulties right now, therefore none of our video files are working (except the Damn 3 mirror)

-Biohazard Online pictures added to the 2003 Timeline

-We're no longer selling CDs of TP2 and Damn 3 due to lack of demand and time.
-Casting call for an actress in US vs HK 2 on Tony's Xanga.

-US vs HK 2 information is being posted on Tony's Xanga.

-Added the next five ZG Strips to the 2003 Timeline/Gallery

-Show Reel added

-Duanne's ZG Strips added to 2003 Timeline/Gallery

-Tiffany's audition added to Misc Videos

-New ZG North member, Tiffany Reyes
-Miscellaneous resumes updated
-2003 Timeline updated

-Sony demo/Rise to Honor pics added to 2003 Timeline
-2003 Misc Pics updated
-2003 Timeline updated

-My internet was down for the past three weeks so I have a lot of stuff to catch up on... updates are in progress.
-For those of you that don't read the message board (for shame!), the wushucentral server was hacked and our videos corrupted. The wushucentral server is slowly being repaired, so several files may not be available for a while.
-ZG Team Demovid for 2003 now available (special thanks to Matt Swartz/Syvo)
-Ken's resume updated
-2003 Timeline updated
-2003 Misc pictures updated
-A.C.T. site updated
-Links updated
-TEAM log updated

-I'm the newly appointed webhead of the A.C.T. site. Just put up a bunch of class pictures, there will be more updates coming up in the next few weeks.
-Sample pictures of the TP2/DAMN 3 blooper reels added to the ZG CD page. Get your copy today! Show all your friends! Laugh yourself to pieces!


-ZG CD page added (see big obvious banner)
-Ghetto fabulous DAMN 3 text commentary added!

-TEAM log updated

-Finally got my damn scanner installed. Misc 2003 Pics updated
-History section of the Timeline updated, Timeline split into seperate pages

-You can get the hi-res uncut (500mb!) version of DAMN 3 on cd with an exclusive blooper reel once Tony comes back from vacation around the last week of June. I'll add an update about it when everything's ready. So don't bug Tony about it since he's on his break for a while.
-Added a list of the DAMN 3 file sizes and length to the DAMN 3 page, so people can make sure they downloaded the whole parts

-DAMN 3 released
-DAMN 3 page and Timeline updated

-FAQ updated, Dec.2000 Timeline entry changed

-Pics added to Bruce's profile. His computer is on the fritz so I have yet to get his resume.

-TEAM log updated
-I can't install my scanner onto my new computer due to a faulty cd-rom drive. Once I get it fixed there will be pictures (of ZG South for a change)

-TEAM log updated

-Made a FAQ (frequently asked questions)

-Member pages adjusted

-Full DAMN 3 teaser now available
-Two angles of the UC Berkeley CMAT 11 sparring set available
-Pics added to DAMN 3 page

-Pics added to DAMN 3 page

-All shirts are sold out. We're planning on getting more soon, only we're not sure when.

-DAMN 3 news updated

-DAMN 3 news and pics updated

-Aaron's resume updated, some emails updated

-A few more small grainy stills added to the DAMN 3 page
-TEAM log updated

-DAMN 3 news and pics updated, twice

-DAMN 3 news updated

-Pics from the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament 11 at UC Berkeley added

-Reuben's resume updated

-Two galleries of a TV shoot with New Zealand studio NHNZ were added

-Last half of the Wushucentral Seminar pics were added
-Five pics added to Misc. 2003

-The rest of the pics from Feb '03 Monolith gig were added
-First half of the Wushucentral Seminar pics were added
-Two pics added to Misc. 2003

-3 new demo videos. Reuben's acting demo and action demo, and new member Bruce Khan's demo.

-No April Fool's gag because I hate them.

-Note added to Contact Info. We love our fans, but please stop asking us this.

-Wushucentral seminar was a success and mad fun was had by all, only hampered by the fact we had a mere 2 hour time frame. Pictures coming on Wednesday, and a bunch on Wushucentral.com sooner or later.

-Board's back up. Everybody dance.

-TEAM log updated
-Yes I know the board's down. I'll scour for a replacement board if it's still down by the 25th

-ZG will be holding a 2 hour stunts/tricks seminar at Wushucentral in Milpitas on March 29th. For more information and a flyer go to Wushucentral.com

-Ken's Demo Video added
-DAMN 3 Pre-Teaser added

-For anyone who doesn't read the message board, you've missed out on about 22 video clips already. Right now I'm putting up short snippets from the Making of TP2 (which you can get the full version of by emailing Tony and making a donation). Also, new demo vid coming soon.

-Added legal disclaimer to the main page

-DAMN 3 news updated

-It's been more or less official for a week or so, but I had to put an announcement of sorts on the main page. Want to know how/why, then go to the A.C.T. Members page, and scroll down to Kerry. No joke!

-Lateef's Demo Video added
-New links added
-Pics added to Samuel's profile
-Link to the short film VersuS added to Reuben's profile

-Pics added to Reuben/Tony/Sam profiles, Misc 2003

-Interesting developments on the ZG South Team Members page...

-2003 misc pics added to Timeline, some Monolith pics
-Roy's Demo Video added

-TEAM log updated

-Bits & pieces added to Kerry/Larry/Lianne profiles and Timeline, Ken headshot

-8 new action shots added to Lateef, Roy, Sam & Tony's profiles

-Cliff, Escuro's profiles updated

-New profiles have been tweaked over the past few hours. New action shots added to Aaron's and Larry's. Still need 5 headshots, action shots for everyone else... most of the profiles are done besides the lack of new action shots.

-New Team Members pages, currently a work in progress. The pics (pic icons 1-4) will eventually be replaced with new action shots of each member.

-Sam's Demo Video added

-TEAM log updated

-I'll be putting up short clips from our archive on the message board for 2-3 days each. So if you need something to look at, head over to the board. The more the merrier!

-Obituary updated

-Obituary updated

-Poll added to T-Shirts page

-Obituary added to Team Members page
-New thumbs added to Team Members page

-New 2002 misc. pics gallery added to Timeline

-All ZG Shirts size medium and large have been taken.

-Everything on the server got deleted today for about 10-11 hours (hacker? who knows), but I restored everything. In case you were wondering what happened to the site.
-Technos Caricatures gallery added to Timeline

-More Ronin Boys pics added

-ZG Shirts on sale. We've only got 16 of them and it's first come first serve.
-TEAM log updated

-More Dragonfest '02 pics added to Timeline
-More Ronin Boys pics added

-Pics from Ronin Boys added to Timeline

-Eons later, SFC 2 winners announced
-TEAM log updated with new pictures.

-TEAM poster added

-TEAM log updated. Both TEAM and DAMN 3 are in dire straits, it seems.

-Blurb added to Timeline

-TEAM (the film) and DAMN 3 logs updates

-Redid those muddy film page jpegs with sharper gifs. SFC2 winners coming as soon as we have the time to arrange everything, times are busy. Yes, the winners have been decided.

-Pictures from the April 2001 Mocap added, thanks Adam

-New entry to the Timeline
-Misc 2002 pics updated
-Four Dragonfest picture galleries added

-Team page (ZG North) updated. Dragonfest pictures coming in a few days

-DAMN 3 page updated

-A very limited quantity of black ZG shirts (medium or large size only) to go on sale soon. If you're interested in buying a shirt, email Tony

-TEAM (the film) page updated

-3 pics added to misc 2002 pics

-Hoopled the team members page(s)

-Tony's demo video added

-Larry/Esco's demo video added

-Mickey and the Fob page updated

-Films page tweaked. I am sick to death of people only watching DAMN or US vs HK and nothing else. WATCH THE REST OF THEM, PEOPLE!!
-DAMN:TM page updated, also DAMN:TM is now DAMN 3 (aka the season finale)

-TEAM (the film) page updated

-DAMN:TM page updated
-Mickey and the Fob page updated
-Links page updated

-DAMN:TM page updated
-Team Members page updated

-TEAM (the film) page updated

-DAMN:TM page updated

-TEAM (the film) page updated

-DAMN:TM page updated
-Team Members page updated

-TEAM page added to action films

-DAMN:TM page updated

-Team page updated

-DAMN:TM page updated

-Audition requirements added to Contact Info

-Kid Gusto vs the Matrix page updated, added to Timeline
-Message Board ID's added to Team page

-Mickey and the FOB teaser added to the Films page
-DAMN FAQ added to the DAMN:TM and DAMN 4 pages

-Misc 2001 pics and Misc 2002 pics updated

-We're a featured link at Kung Fu Cinema. ROCK!

-Rest of site cleaned up.
-Pictures added to Timeline for 5 early shows, Dragonwave, Dragonfest '00 and '01, Epoch of Lotus, Misc 1998 pics, Misc 2001 pics and Misc 2002 pics
-More past members added to Team page

-New front page, rest of site will be adapted over next week or so

-DAMN TM page updated, some better face pics added to the Members page yesterday

-TP 2 parts 4 and 5 up at wushucentral.com as well as neokarate.net

-Added Gusto Punch to Timeline. The Timeline will double as the Picture page, a lot more pics will be added over the following week.
-DAMN: The Movie added to films page, will track development up to completion.

-New domain, new front page. Joy!

-By popular demand, Parts 2 and 3 of Title Pending 2 released

-Part 1 of Title Pending 2 released

-Films are all back online, courtesy of the great and wonderful all powerful David Chang.

-Contact Info added. Still no downloads available, will get to that after Title Pending 2 is released. TP 2 may be out as soon as next week.

-Making-of pages added to each action film. Downloads still being worked out

-ZG Site reinstated at Pivotal Minds. Team list, Timeline, Action Films and Message Board sections added.